What you want to know

One day soon, I’ll actually tell you.

Writing is my life. I bleed ink. If you cut me, words will spill out. How’s that for a visual?

Seriously, I’m very passionate about writing and communication. I’ve always enjoyed writing, having started writing scripts for the TV show Cheers when I was 10 years old (none were submitted however). I always enjoyed sarcastic humor and dry wit, which is why that show appealed to me so much. It was through this that I discovered my love of writing, with encouragement from my high school English professors, one of whom loved my first script so much and was so impressed with my natural talent at that age, that he shared it with his colleagues. The irony though, is that I hated English class (the literature aspect more than the grammar, that is). However, I often incorporated Cheers in various writing projects in high school, including one that saw the bar patrons in a Shakespearean twist on Hamlet.

Anyway, I’ve spent the past 11 years conceiving of and developing my magazine that I’m making great strides with. I’m strongest with journalistic/essay writing, but I enjoy some creative writing as well, when properly inspired. Most of that, though, is poetry. As much as I enjoy other forms of creative writing (story telling, novel writing), I recognize my limitations and leave that to others who are more gifted with the art of story weaving. One day, I may pursue that, but for right now, my writing focus is directed towards creation of my magazine.