Living for the weekend

There’s got to be more than just the daily grind…


I’ve commented to others before about living for the weekends, about how tragic it is to be thankful for a two-day break from a week spent slaving for others’ profits. Although true that at some point, we are all working for others, it is the lack of enjoyment, contentment, happiness, fulfillment in the work we do that makes living for the weekend a tragedy. Yet, I can understand and relate to that.

It is that lack of fulfillment in my professional life that motivates me more to make things happen with my entrepreneurial goals. Occasionally the quagmire I face is that work can be so draining that there’s nothing left afterwards to devote to my own dreams,until the weekend. By that time, though, I often just want to relax my mind from the weekly stress and hustling for my ventures rarely gives down time.

What keeps me going is thinking about the autonomy I will have when my magazine becomes profitable and I can continue to build on that. Although I will still be accountable to someone (readers, advertisers and sponsors, employees), I will feel a greater sense of satisfaction with working for myself and for a purpose greater than simply maintaining daily life and paying bills.