1/2 & 1/2

Since I wrote a post about my experiences with fathers and other male figures in my life, I thought I’d share this poem that I wrote back in 2005 that helped me vent what I was feeling towards my father and my mother’s brother.



i half-heartedly care
about your half-assed attempts
to be half the man
you should have been my whole life ago

half of you is me
yet I am none of you
a half-wit of half-truths
and fully incomprehensible
in the entirety of your ill logic

a half-pint, half-blood,
I refuse to be less than a whole
determined to be more than the hole
left in your absence
there by your presence

the better half
of my half-of-life
makes me more completely,
uniquely one
without the half of you
that lives on as none.