The Momentum Killer

The realization that the weekend is over and you have to get ready for the work week. It’s the buzz kill for an entrepreneur who spends his weekends trying to achieve his dreams. I had a conversation with my best friend about that and feeling that I can understand why people dread Mondays. I do as well, partly. Although it may sound as if I’m contradicting my #TGIM post, I’m not. #TGIM is a mindset that helps make the work week more manageable for me and helps motivate me further to work harder to achieve my professional goals. Yet, that doesn’t change how I feel about having to suddenly bring my weekend momentum to a halt to return to an unfulfilling job. I’m learning (and guessing) that the trick is to find ways to keep that momentum going despite interruptions. Sticky notes might just become my second best friend on this journey of mine.