Gut check

For those who doubt, there is definitely something to be said for intuition. I’ve learned over the past decade to not question that voice in my head (the other voices are still questionable).

It has never failed me that whenever I have a gut feeling about anything, good or bad, my instinct has never been wrong. Whenever I listened, I was never led astray. Times when I have questioned it, I found myself often dealing with avoidable circumstances. My last relationship was the perfect example of that.

Today though is what prompted me to write about this topic. I had to turn down a [legit] job opportunity I was recently contacted about. It turned out that the opportunity was simply not aligned with my professional goals. But my gut told me that two weeks earlier when I was first contacted.

Though that was a relatively insignificant issue, it was another example of the amazing accuracy of my intuition.

Just thought I’d share. Lol.