Weight of the World

I wrote this poem 4 years ago, prompted by someone coming to me about problems he was having. It wasn’t an unwillingness to listen to people’s problems, but it was about being a receptacle for everyone else’s trash and not having anyone to dump my problems on. Not just that, it became more frustrating when people would come to me about the same problems constantly and make no effort to change the situation they were in or chose not to listen to advice given.

I look at this poem now though more as an outlet, a request for relief from an onslaught of burdens, when you are just overwhelmed by everything you are obligated to do in addition to the things you want to work on. In my case, it’s about finding a balance among entrepreneurial ventures, work, social and love lives, and my sanity.



is it my destiny
to carry silently
the ails of society,
the pains of family,
the injustices of humanity
with simply
a smile?

am I the savior
everyone yearns for?
to relinquish their burdens
so they find salvation –
and I stand in silence,
quietening my emotions
with a smile?

how do I press on?
my knees buckled under the tons
of anguish, of despair
of hurt – does anyone care
to be there?
or do I just continue to wear
a smile?

how do I alone
deal with my own
when the world beckons me
to tend to their needs
constantly, tirelessly?
and still thanklessly,
I smile

with the weight of the world
crushing me,
bending me,
straining me,
breaking me,
and I can no longer breathe –

who will rescue me
in my time of need?
to just provide some relief
from the world’s insanity?
give me just a moment to stand free
to simply be –
and smile.