Crossroads: Life vs. Livelihood

Often, when we find ourselves at a crossroads, we don’t know which way to turn, many times for fear of making wrong decisions and the consequences that result. And in some cases, that fear can be so crippling that people will opt to go the safest path, which sometimes might be turning back.

Even for me, throughout my life, I’ve been one to fear the consequences more than the potential rewards that come at the crucial crossroads moment. Yet, this time, it’s different.

My decision was choosing between my job (livelihood) and my magazine (life) – at least in the most general terms. I had a sudden opportunity that presented itself that could open many doors for me and YBE, yet that opportunity conflicted with a work requirement for my job. Normally, I’d agonize over such a decision because I wouldn’t want to have to choose between what I have to do for the present and what I need to do for my future. Instead, I chose what I needed to do for my future. Fortunately, my job was understanding and was able to accommodate me. But I know that’s not always the case.

For those times when it’s not, it can be very agonizing for the person caught in that situation. And that’s why so many of us stress out. The present is here; it’s tangible. We know that we will get a regular paycheck from our current employment. The future, however, is uncertain. There’s no guarantee of a payoff or when it will come. There’s much more risk involved and people prefer to play it safe, especially when they have greater responsibilities such as family to consider.

I am thankful that I do not have young children to take care of right now, so that I can enjoy being a bit more of a risk taker when it comes to developing my dreams. I have some freedom and the benefit of receiving a steady paycheck, even if I want/need to take off work for my life’s ambitions. Fortunately, most times, my life and work don’t conflict; however, it is inevitable that opportunities for my future will overlap with obligations at work. It is just for me to minimize those conflicts as much as possible until the time comes when I can devote my full-time energy to my dreams.