I’m Pissed

On any given day, there’s so much to be pissed off about. Hence the reason I don’t often watch the news. Yet, to be informed, I read it while at work. There’s so much fucking chaos in this country and everyone is doing their damnedest to make things worse.

Let’s see… There’s:

  • Violence in Ferguson, Missouri
  • Open Carry Texas’ Houston protest
  • Constant murders in Chicago
  • Continual victimization of black men nationally
  • Racism
  • Police brutality, harassment and racial profiling
  • Laws and the double standards of enforcement with respect to race
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Economic inequality
  • Incarceration rates

… just to name a few. But perhaps what’s most irritating is when people keep telling black people who are marginalized and victimized to calm down as if we don’t have a right to be pissed about the way we are being treated in society. We are told to keep calm, as if we are the ones who initiate or exacerbate the situations. We are attacked and provoked, but when we respond, we are treated as if we are the aggressors. Why should we have to control our emotions in the face of injustice?

We live in a society, unfortunately, where victim-blaming is the standard for any injustice. It’s our fault for acts perpetrated against us by others. It’s the rape victim’s fault for wearing alluring clothing. It’s the arrest victim’s fault for wearing sagging pants or dressing like a thug. It’s the robbery victim’s fault for being financially successful. It’s the murder victim’s fault for being black. Any wonder why we’re pissed?

White people refuse to accept accountability for anything that they do, especially if it causes hardship for others. As long as white’s rights are in tact, who gives a shit about anyone else? That’s the American way. And why I’m pissed.