Timing Is Everything

Sometimes, it’s amazing how things play out. While at work, I was considering not logging on to LinkedIn today, because my mind wasn’t really on YBE or anything associated with it. It had been a sluggish start to the day, because of inadequate sleep and back pain. But despite all of that, my intuition insisted that I log on.

One of the first updates I see is from an entrepreneur who accepted my friend request a few days ago. It was about a huge networking/funding/mentoring opportunity for creative entrepreneurs. How does timing play into this?

Well, if I hadn’t logged in today (or logged in much later in the day), I might have missed that status update. Not only that, but the guy accepted my invitation to connect two days ago. I sent the request over a year ago. Had he not accepted, or accepted some time later, I might again have missed out on this opportunity.

But the timing of this is so coincidental (if you believe in that) simply because I had recently made a decision to not publish any issues of the magazine again until next March, so that I could have time to devote to the business aspect of it – networking, developing the business, finding funding, building the audience, etc. This opportunity gives me the chance to really do everything that I have set my mind to and make my dreams happen.

I’ve learned time and time again that when opportunities such as this come along, it is probably in my best interest to pursue them, because they are rare. And I’d rather not live with more regret about things not done.