Hypocrisy of the American Response to Terrorism

After seeing a CNN article about the president’s response to a second beheading of an American, I was quite irritated by the faux outrage.

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the killers of two American journalists will be brought to justice… “Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget …” the President said.

Really? But I guess that only applies when foreigners do it or those that the US has deemed as a terrorist organization commit atrocities. Yet, when it comes to domestic terrorists, a.k.a. local police departments, gunning down unarmed citizens, the president simply urges calm in the communities. Where is the insistence then on the “killers being brought to justice”?

Militarized police use illegal tactics to antagonize and assault citizens, and all Obama can say is “we need to be calm.” WTF? “Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget… and that justice will be served.” Police IN America are harming Americans. And best believe, we will not forget that either. But where is the justice? How many times have police been involved in the murder of unarmed black men and nothing was done except to place the officer on PAID administrative leave?


You say that your objective is to destroy and degrade ISIS so that it is no longer a threat. What about degrading and defunding local police departments so that they can no longer threaten, assault and murder unjustly the people of this country on the basis of their skin tone? new-book-details-the-disturbing-militarization-of-americas-police

Why should ANY police department in this country be equipped with any military grade equipment? Unless they are preparing for a war against the people, in which case, maybe it’s time we start preparing ourselves against this domestic terroristic threat.

Again, there is outrage from Americans over ISIS beheading two American journalists. Not 20. Not 200. Not 2,000. Just *2*.

I would love to see the same outrage from this country over the slaughter of young black men by police, considering the in the month of August alone, at least six cases across the country made it into national media from police murdering unarmed men without properly assessing the situations. All that mattered was that these “suspects” were black and that justified lethal force.

Is it too much to ask for our government to take a definitive stand in America against these crimes against humanity?