Ponderings – The Multiverse

I was watching How the Universe Works on the Science Channel a few days ago and they were talking about what happened during the first second after the Big Bang. During the show, they briefly mentioned something about the multiverse, stating that every possible universe that could exist, does exist, and that in each universe there exists a corresponding version of us that has made different choices in their life. That got me to thinking…

Maybe there is no multiverse…

… at least not the way it is typically conveyed.

We think that there is more out there, even though we don’t understand what we see. The idea of a multiverse just gives us more to imagine, to think that multiple versions of ourselves could exist and that every single choice, every single possibility for every single second since the beginning of time has spawned its own universe that we will never know (granted, that’s just one of the interpretations of the multiverse, known as the many-worlds interpretation). If that were the case, first of all, the multiverse would become very crowded at some point. But also, it makes me see that, despite the physics behind certain theories, we think of the multiverse in very human-centric terms. Every choice we make, exists in a new universe. How arrogant.


Our universe does not exist because of a human choice. We are so minute in the grand scheme of things. In other words, we are as insignificant to the universe as a microbe on our skin. The universe, let alone the “multiverse”, will probably never know – or care – that we exist. So to think that somehow, multiple universes exist based on the choices we make or don’t make in our lifetimes is the ultimate conceit.

That’s not to say that multiple universes could not exist, but I highly doubt their existence is predicated on humanity’s often inept decision-making skills.

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