Frustration of the Daily Grind

As I stated in my previous post, I have often felt like just walking off a job for a number of reasons, the least of which is the frustration of the seemingly endless cycle of mindless repetition. It’s difficult to feel accomplished when your most significant daily achievement is assisting someone who is too lazy or incompetent to do menial tasks on their own.


But what causes more frustration is feeling trapped in a dead-end job with no real potential for advancement or mental stimulation. Doing daily reports and answering phones has never been a career aspiration for me. And then there’s the feeling that my time and mind are being wasted and prevented from doing the things I need to in order to fulfill my own entrepreneurial goals. Generally, I feel sabotaged and struggle to overcome it.

Over the past week, I have been completely unable to focus on YBE or even writing in general. And though I’m able to voice my frustration in this post, it’s difficult to keep my thoughts together, because the main things I’m thinking of are the desire to be elsewhere and not feel so completely exhausted each day, and feeling fulfilled through my creativity and passion.

exhausted pup

How I generally feel mentally before, during and after work.

Fulfillment makes all the difference. I’d much rather be exhausted from days spent travelling from meeting to meeting, soliciting advertisers or investors, promoting YBE to various organizations and schools, or negotiating with distributors. At least then, I’d have a reason to smile and feel accomplished from doing something significant, something that can positively impact people.